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4 Easy Ways to Clear Your Chakras at Work

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When you’re busy it can be hard to take the time to deeply care for yourself and nurture your chakras. But you can do it – in small bits of time, whenever and wherever you need to. Even at work! Here are some handy ways to clear your chakras so you can keep on top of your energetic health.


1. Practice gratitude. You’d be surprised at how much of a person’s daily self-talk (or out loud talk) at work centers on the negative. Complaints about things going wrong, problems to be solved, worries, personality issues, setbacks, overwhelm, overwork, frustrations, fears… and this does nothing good for your chakras! While it’s not easy to monitor your self-talk all the time, you can create a powerful energetic shift by training yourself to express gratitude. For example, you might catch yourself complaining about something, and if you remember to find something to be grateful for in the situation, you can neutralize the negative effect of the energy. It could go something like, “I’m so stressed out! I expected my assistant to write this material for me and she flaked out – but I’m thankful that I can write quickly and avert the deadline crisis.” You can go deeper and deeper into gratitude, and this is especially effective the more upset you are. If someone causes you to miss a deadline – which can be serious – make yourself dig into the hidden benefits of the situation: things that are within you that would normally remain dormant, like your ability to think on your feet, communicate with the client, focus and get it done.

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2. Allow yourself breaks! If you’re too problem-oriented, you’ll tend to dive in and spend the whole day working and getting more and more stressed out. So take a break! Sometimes, walking away from a challenge is all it takes to “reboot” and give you a fresh perspective – and, a chance to remind yourself that life isn’t all work and no play. When you take a break, take a break. No thinking about work – and try to avoid thinking of other problems too! Be present, and enjoy the present. Going for a walk and appreciating what’s around you is a powerful and simple thing you can do every day to clear your chakras! Taking a mindfulness break – AWAY from your workspace – can be a matter of minutes, so don’t let yourself stress about “not getting it all done!”

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3. Do your best. If you know that you can do better, don’t hold back. Do it. This will help clear your solar plexus (confidence), heart (compassion) and throat (self-expression) chakras. Holding back means you either feel you can’t do better, or it’s not worth it, or why bother, or nobody will notice anyway… all deeply blocking energies! When you do your best you also help keep your root chakra clear because you know you’re taking care of your most fundamental needs through your efforts (safety, security, food and shelter).

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4. Say no. Honor and respect your time and energy (and open your solar plexus) by saying no. Your boss will appreciate that you are committed to quality, even at the expense of “more.”

These 4 tips can help you keep your chakras clear even in the most fast-paced job.

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