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5 Issues That Can Influence Your Relationship

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“A relationship is a like a house. When a light bulb burns out, you do not go and change the house. You change the bulb.”


We all have relationships and everyone’s relationships are different. However, sometimes, the things that affect the bond of love are similar. Firstly, getting into a relationship with someone is one big deal because once you get in, it is all about love, hardships, commitment and more. So, you might be thinking of how things are when you get into one, but you cannot judge the same from the outside.

Perfect relationships are a myth. You cannot expect a bed of roses but surely a roller-coaster ride where you’ll have all kinds of experiences. I chose my partner and my family wasn’t very happy with my choice. We had a lot of conversations, cold war periods and finally, I got married when my partner made my parents realize that I’m going to be happy. It’s been 6 years now and whatever came by, we tried to sort out things on the personal level itself. But, who knows if I married my dad’s choice, how would I have been with her?

That thing said, there are certain issues which have the capability to influence our relationship. If you want your relationship to bloom, pay heed to them and make sure to resolve the issues that occur.


Distance matters a lot

“No matter how far apart we are, you will always be in my heart”. This might sound to be the perfect definition when you get into a long distance relationship, but things can get very odd when you don’t get to see each other. There are numerous problems that both the individuals have to face from the physical connection to the mobility (having the other just when you need them). With the passage of time, the late night talking and text exchange lessens, there is a void that is created which leads to problems.

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If you really want to be together, things can be sorted out with sudden calls, video calls or even texts. The only thing required is – the zest to take your relationship to the next level.


Physical attraction

Don’t you think that it is the physical attraction that brings two people close to each other? Well, there are other factors as well, but this plays quite an essential role in bringing two together. Talking about my personal experience, my brother had a girlfriend who was his friend for about 7 years before they started dating each other. However, once they started dating, they realized that there was nothing quite attractive between them and they weren’t physically attracted to each other. Hence, they decided to call it quit. Though they’re still friends now, this made me realize how important it is to connect with each other on all the levels.

You should work on yourself and make sure you stay in shape (for as long as you can) and work on looking good to your partner.



When the physical attraction comes to an end, there are a lot of chances where individuals start finding their hopes in others, which is called as cheating your partner. This is probably the gravest mistake that couples make when they look for someone outside their relationship. The influence is surely the aspect most talked about when this happens but nobody tries to understand the basic reason behind it. There can be two – no physical attraction or the neglecting attitude from the other half.

See what has led to this and you would be able to decide whether to stay and mend things or let go.


No communication is a hazard

You know how important communication is. World affairs are solved by just talking out the different ideas and this is just a relationship. Though this bond means the world to you, communication is what lays the basis of how the same will go ahead. When you find things getting weird and upsetting between you two, sit down calmly and talk.


Dead romance

This sounds like a dead end to a relationship. It is. Women always fantasize the idea of romance with everything happening pink and blue with hearts in the air and more. The same is from the guy’s side as well (not as intense as it is for women, but it’s still there). This feature is what keeps the relationship going. When I and partner were getting married, we made promises to each other. One of them was, even if we have a terrible fight, we’d make sure that we’ll sleep together kissing each other. Till date, we’ve been doing the same and problems are not like problems anymore. Keep up your romantic spirit and you’ll be happy.

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