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6 Things To Do This Monsoon

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Monsoon is finally here, unpredictable and enticing. Rain clouds are on their way and it’s time to gear up as the heat of summers will not pull you back into AC rooms. This prime time of the year is, therefore, the best time to delve into all possible indoor and outdoor activities. Here are six ways you could make the most of the rains this monsoon season.

1) Visit a beach

The endless sea roars at it fiercest when it meets the thunders and heavy rainfall. Take a walk by the seaside, chai (beer if you must) and feel the drizzle on you. There is nothing more blissful than the wind in your hair and a light drizzle.  

2) Re-decorate your room

Since you’re under house-arrest, make your room your bright and happy place, use the time to scout and sort through your many possessions. You’ll be amazed at what treasures you will dig up.

3) Go for a Weekend Getaway

Monsoon season is actually the off-season for the tourists. So, no matter which place you visit you would find it to be less crowded go to the beaches if you want, take a break from your work and head out to the many treks that can be undertaken in the hills of Karnataka or Maharashtra.

4) Hone your brush

Rain has its own way of inspiring you, this season is the best to let your mind wander and unravel the artist within you. Painting is a known stress buster and what better way to utilise time on hand.

5) Pamper yourself

In our busy daily schedules we miss out on taking care of ourselves, this monsoon you can utilise all your spare indoor time to catch up on your skin care routine, manicure, hair spa, everything. Pamper yourself with love, care and bath salts.

6) Become a photographer

Get into the mood of photography. Through the glass panes, from the rooftop, city view, skylines- everything looks pretty, clean and green when it pours. So get out with the camera and capture your neighbourhood, city, clouds, greens, anything and everything.

Happy Monsoons to you!

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