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7 Things You Must Learn In Your Twenties Before Getting Married

Lessons to learn in your twenties
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1. Discover Your Passion

Before you start to plan on anything else, explore yourself, your passions and everything that you like to do. This might sound very cliche, but most people forget to pursue what they love. So, stop, take a deep breath, think about yourself and identify what you like doing… And then do it!


2. Learn to control your mind

Yes, it’s your mind where everything begins. Before your mind takes over 100% control of you, learn to start controlling it. Be your own mind’s master rather than being a slave of your mind. Anger, jealousy, fear and other emotions… you should learn to have control on them.

3. Learn to take the first step

Learn to take the first step. Be it for a relationship, or career, or extending a helping hand, just make the first move.


4. Travel solo

Solo travel maybe overhyped and the most “in-thing” these days, but yes it is necessary. The things you learn while travelling alone are worth it. The feeling of doing it all independently is incomparable.

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5. Learn to forgive

Learn to forgive people who harmed you, destiny has it’s own ways to tackle people. Do not burden your mind with all the hate and guilt. Forgiving someone else helps you more than the person you forgave.

6. Express yourself

Say it when you are happy or sad. Express your emotions, do not hide if you need help or are not feeling good. Remember, there will always be someone who would be able to make you feel better.

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7. Get out of your virtual world.

Just move out of your internet friends and actually meet people and visit places. There is a whole big world outside the social networks. Experience it fully.

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