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8 Reasons Why Workplace Romance Is A Mistake

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Lemme ask you a question – do you like Mondays? I know how wrong this was because nobody likes Mondays. However, if you have an eye candy at work who has a crush on you too, things would be different from that perspective. The day starts with sweet talk, continues with catching each other’s glimpses and comes to end with long drives and dinners.

That’s exactly what’s called as Office Romance. It certainly makes your gloomy days a lot happening and hotter. When you get to see your partner every single day the entire day, you don’t have your mind diverted anywhere else and things are sparkling and glittering.


Yes!! There’s always a however or consequences with anything that you’re talking about. So, the however here is that entire thing sounds very fancy, but at the end of the day, it is a bad idea to have an office romance for all the right reasons. No matter how you would have planned your life and whether your relationship is the long term one or not, heartaches at work can be worse than the normal ones.

Do you want to know the reasons? Here are some reasons that’ll be a proof for you all who think that it’ll be fun having someone to have there next to you.


You’ll have to see them post break-up

How painful would it be to see the person with whom you have spent some great moments in front of you, but you’re so helpless that you cannot talk to them? It will be very difficult to cope up with work and concentrate on the tasks because all you would be thinking about is – how would the other one be reacting to all this. If not this, you’d consistently be thinking about the time that you guys spent together (the happy times) and how things are at the present time.

More painful than you think, this would hamper your productivity at work and constantly irritate you from within.


Office is not meant for romance – you have work to do

If you’d consistently think how things would be when you try something so enthralling, let me tell you that you’ll end getting fired from work. Which organization would want its employees to get along with each other to an extent that the work stops and there’s love in the air? I know a few friends who fell in love at work and things worked out quite well that they got married and settled down. However, when the company came to know that there was something between them, they had to ask one of them to quit work so that the work is not hampered of any one.

After all, you’re not getting paid to send love texts and share glimpses of the other the entire day.


The rumours and gossip are difficult to handle

When you two are together, it is not only you two who are together and know about it. It is known to everyone at work or at least some would definitely know. Gossips and rumors are way too difficult to handle. As soon as you know that one person knows about it, you would see all the eyeballs at you and the raising eyebrows too that would constantly glare at you with those questions on their faces. WHY?? WHY did you do something like at work?? OOH..something’s fishy there!! And, lots and lots of them coming to you.


You would be able to involve yourself with others

OH!! That’s one of the worst things that happen when you indulge in an affair at work. It cuts down your chances of jelling up and mixing with the other fellas working with you. I remember I had a fling that went on for about 4 months (till the person got married and switched the job) and in that period, I lost my connection with almost every person that I used to talk to. All one can do and has to do is – SPEND time with that particular person and say no to the others.

Being at work and working in a team, you need to give time to everyone (optional) but not focus only on one.


Legal issues – if it turns bad

We all know how corporate life works. There have been numerous movies made on what happens when a fling at work take a bad turn and end as a disaster. With all the legal notices, court rooms of who harassed who and who took advantage and so on. This can get as ugly as possible and one of them would be the one who’ll be at the suffering end. Do you want to be on that end?


Life gets boring

You might be thinking that life would be all about sunshine and rainbows when you are in love with someone who’s close to you all the time. Well, this is what fairy tales sound like fairy tales are not real at all. Think about you being together for almost 6 months and now all you do is talk about your work after work and also bitch about your boss on the dinner date after work. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous?

How can someone find so much time and interest talking about the same boring thing at work and even after that?


It is all about the lust – most of the time

It is very easy for a person to fall a person who sits close to you, does the same work like you do and shares the same interest as you have. However, when you are so close to someone, things are mostly about how attractive the other person is. Most of the time, the feeling of lust and sex is what drives the relationship. Whether it is just a kiss that you share or slipping the hand inside the others clothes or even spending nights with each other at one’s place will be the end of it all.

The feelings would be partially or wholly about how can you make them feel satisfied in bed.


Your colleagues will have to choose sides when you break up

This is probably what happens everywhere, whether it is a friend circle or an office set up. If a couple breaks up, it is the rest of the office who has to take sides. They get divided into two where one side takes your side and the others would back up your partners (or should we say your ex’s). The worst part is that even friends separate because they take sides of two different people and things fall apart.

Taking sides bring two people on two extreme poles and that’s exactly what happens you break up and your colleagues have to suffer.

Do you have any other reasons that would prove that office romance is a bad idea? Do let our readers know about them and spread the awareness and save lives (just kidding).

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