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8 Types Of Mother-in-Law And Tips On How To Handle Them

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When you marry a partner, you’re gaining an extension to your existing family. Coming with that usually is a Mother-in- Law and while most of the time this results in having a new cheerleader in your life, at times it can turn into something more difficult. It’s important to try to understand why a Mother-in-Law (MIL) might act in a disappointing or difficult way; they might feel an element of worry or concern that they are losing their offspring to someone else and might feel threatened as a result. Even by understanding why they are acting in a certain way still might not help how their treatment of you is impacting on your life. If your Mother-in-Law lives close by to your home(or in the same house), this will of course have a deeper impact.

MILs can of course have a very positive influence on your life. While they won’t replace your own
Mother, they can provide a wonderful support outlet for you and your partner. Take comfort in the fact that your MIL raised your partner and you chose to marry them so they must have some redeeming qualities! Relationships take time and effort and the relationship you have with your MIL will also require work. While you might feel strongly about being wronged by your MIL, try to be patient and try not to overly criticise them to your partner as it might bring conflict within your own relationship.

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