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A Letter To My Grandpa

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Hope you would be fine at God’s place. When I took birth you & Naani were not there. I used to hear lot from my friends like Naani-Nana loves a lot, they are the second parents for their grand kids. I always used to have a thought that if you & Naani would be here, how lovely it would have been.

Mumma used to tell me about you & Naani. After being such a renowned person & famous Doctor of Muzaffarnagar you lived your entire life following your sole principle “Simple living & high thinking” & devoted your life in the service of humanity. The way you lived your life being simple, having faith in God & karma is itself an inspiration for your kids & grand kids as well.

Whenever I saw your photo in it I saw a person with a smile on a face that hides various struggles you have faced & failures that you have overcome to get that smile & that’s the real spirit of living a life is.


Naani who was not so educated, not so modern but her capability of managing the household affairs as well as court affairs related to hearings regarding lands was incomparable in itself. She was a woman who used to believe that its only our way of thinking that matters. She encouraged all her daughter’s & son’s equally towards having a good education.

She treated her daughter in-laws equally as daughters. She even helped Maami to pursue her further education in Medical field & bear all the expenses of her education. Which helped her to become a Gynecologist at that time when people rarely were so open minded towards daughters & daughter in-laws.

Its rightly said its only our way of thinking that matters & that’s nothing to do with being modern or outdated.
Now a days several cases comes in magazines, newspapers , social media about the domestic violence regarding daughter inlaws, they are being treated as a maid as a care taker & somewhere it is so worse that daughter in-laws commits suicide, I used to think time has changed, we are moving ahead rapidly, but thinking is same prevalent as stiff as a rock which needs to be change with the change in time.

I used to think many times if every daughter in the world would get parents like you & Naani, then daughters & daughter in-laws will never face such mishappenings in their life.

I wish from God next time I would spend my childhood with you & Naani.

Love you Naana Naani! 😊😘

Your grand daughter


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