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Books to Read This Valentine’s Week

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Love is an eternal feeling that someone can have towards anybody, with whom we can feel connected with, are comfortable, are understood well and think that we can spend our whole lives with.

What matters most in relationships is the understanding that the partners have, which lays the foundation of a happy & a long life relationship.
Sometimes it’s easy to express feelings, sometimes it becomes difficult, sometimes it feels like what to do, such a question arises in mind due to which somewhere we fail in expressing our feelings & emotions.

Nowadays when life is so busy due to work schedules, stress, responsibilities & problems, people hardly get time to spend with their spouse or their better half, & that’s where life becomes boredom, & daily routine becomes a priority.

Why not celebrate this Valentine week with the ones you love, while enjoying reading some books that will surely ignite the love within.

Here are a few suggestions to consider-

1) The Secret Lives of People in Love- By Simon Van Booy
If you are a hopeless romantic couple then this book will be of great help to you. In this book, the stories written by Author Simon Booy will help you to be resilient while facing overwhelming circumstances.


2) Sense & Sensibility – By Jane Austen
If you are a couple who believes in old fashioned romance then this will be your best bet. In this book, Author Jane Austen has written stories that concern the age-old question of choosing between reason & passion in this comedy of manners.

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3) What I love about you- By Kate Marshall, David Marshall
If you are a couple who shares everything then this would be the perfect read for you.
In this book, Author Kate Marshall & David Marshall have given a fun checklist and questions that you can use to get to know one another better than ever.


4) A Passionate Love affair with a total stranger- By Lucy Robinson
If you are a person who is trying online dating to find your right match then this would be the best way to find your Mr. Right or your Miss Perfect. In this book, Author Lucy Robinson has mentioned instances which helps a person to think of all the things & alternatives so that relationship problems do not arise.


5) The Newlyweds- By Nell Freudenberger
If you are a newlywed, then this book is the best choice. In this book, Author Nell Freudenberger details a multicultural marriage & the complexities that it entails.


6) The Night Circus – By Erin Morgenstern
If you are in a new relationship then you should read this one. In this book, Author Erin Morgenstern covers the story of romance among characters amidst the world of fantastical circus.


7) It’s Complicated – By Julia Kent
If your relationship is a little bit complicated then read this book once. In this book, Author Julia Kent has written a romantic comedy that tells fun is an integral part of relationships that has to be there to make a relationship a happy one.


8) The Geography of You & Me – By Jennifer E. Smith
If you are in a long distance relationship this book will be a good read for you. In this book, Author Jennifer E. Smith has written a story which tells that if love & understanding is there between partners then distance can’t stop their affection for one another.

9) A Good Indian wife – By Anne Cherian
If you have been in an arranged marriage relationship then this book is the best one for you. In this book Author Anne Cherian tells a story of a matured & possibly married couple who finds love in little joys of life.


10) I too had a Love Story- By Ravinder Singh
If you are going through continuous issues & problems in your relationship then read it. In this book, Author Ravinder Singh has written a story that reveals love always lasts forever even if it is not destined to be.   Buy Book


Do let us know in the comments, which one did you pick?


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