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Celestial Love Story

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Shining gown with the length of blow,

I revolve around the motherly flow.

Silver anklet singing rustle,

Rapid whirl with in a bustle.


Endow reflects the darkest night,

Pursuit against the scrumptious knight.

She saw the spark enroute my eyes,

Chiding across defining lies.


Shatter castle reveire constructed,

Imperious rupture demands destruction.

Creator earth states the burn,

I am Moon, the lover of sun.


Holding hands my mother quote,

To learn, adapt the bitter note.

Flames rules the darkest space,

We run according directed pace.


Clouds of thoughts which bind to cross,

Beyond the buds of passion frost.

“But Mother!” Earth stopped between,

Claiming me the only queen.


Flare destroyed several beings,

Who crossed beyond the paths of wings.

Not counting crush of my nerves,

Reside inside my ideal curves.


“Ah! Humans tends to buy us all”

Respond amidst my fire ball.

But, Could you let them die towards?

Against your rainbow of love and thirst.


I cried aloud to let them stroke,

My thirst for him can never broke.

Deviating paths, for him I tried,

But shores within my mother tides.


I stopped , I looked, I could not realise

The love of mother, the bitter price.

Hence, in every thousand years I mould

To meet my love, the sun of bold.


Defining dark moon, some call it Eclipse

My attempts of meeting, touching red lips.

So, here I stand, holding Earth.

Creature of life which gave me birth.


It pinch, it pains my heart still burns.

I AM MOON, daughter of earth and lover of sun.

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
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