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City Lights

city lights
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And there is this balcony where I stand, staring relentlessly at those well lit cubical blocks of cement, piled up one above the other, spread across acres and acres

Buildings soaring high in the sky unlike the souls inhabiting them

Rooms are well lit but do relationships share the same glow?

And city lights is what they say.


A little shift in my gaze and there goes an array of polished cars

Red and green, the signal hints but does life really come to a halt?

Cars racing as fast as they can but has the heart tuned itself to that speed?

And then city lights they say.

The front lawns being graced by children as they play, and pavements being trudged upon by joggers, but since when did masks become an inlet for fresh air?

I see briefcases partnering people and money-making via phone calls, but I also see sagging shoulders, blank stares and forced smiles.

And city lights they say…

The panoramic view is dazzling and bright as always

But then here I am, standing in my balcony receding from the view and withering away into oblivion

And there are millions like me, opposite to my building, adjacent to my building and possibly in all corners of this city

Buildings-our bright, well lit, dazzling buildings.

And then city lights they say, emptiness I feel.

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