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Detective Uncle – Love Doesn’t Need a Detective

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Next morning, Umesh was again staring at his Facebook page, waiting for another case.  It is when he received a message. The name of sender was Vicky. Umesh was a bit surprised to see Vicky’s message. Vicky asked him to meet at MG road metro station.

First the girl hired me to catch his boyfriend red handed. Now, I guess the guy is hiring me to find evidences against the girl. Today’s generation doesn’t have any idea about handling a relationship, thought Umesh.

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Umesh reached at MG road metro station and was waiting for Vicky. Vicky had called him in the evening. Umesh again adopted his detective avatar; in order to hide is identity. He saw Vicky standing at corner.

‘So you are the “Detective U”, said Vicky, as Umesh neared him.

‘What do you want?’, asked Umesh.

‘That’s what I want to ask?’, Vicky raised his voice. ‘I know you had clicked my pictures yesterday and gave it to Nisha. You must have been paid well too’.

Umesh stared at Vicky.

Vicky continued. ‘Yes. Nisha told me that she had hired you to gather evidences against me. You did very well. You would be glad to know that Nisha left me. You have spoiled my relationship with Nisha; just for money’.

‘It is not me’, replied Umesh, ‘It is you who have spoiled your relationship. You youngsters don’t take anything seriously. Everything in this world is a joke for you. You think it’s really cool to take everything lightly. You and only you are responsible for your situation’. Umesh blurted out his frustration he had on youngsters.

‘Yeah… I am wrong. I accept. But what did you do? Did you “wise and responsible” elder do anything to improve us?’

Umesh chose to remain silent. He had nothing to respond.

‘I accept it was my fault when I did not tell Nisha that I am going out with friends. She is a suspicious and jealous girl. I was not cheating on her. I just didn’t want to fight with her. But she hired you and you gave her exactly what she wanted. I am not expecting her to understand, I know her nature. But being an elder, at least you should have understood that what I was doing was not cheating. You should have collected a few more evidences before coming to the conclusion. Instead, you added fuel to the fire’.

Vicky waited Umesh to answer. But Umesh didn’t.

‘The private Detective U has successfully solved the case by destroying a so called careless and useless youth’, said Vicky sarcastically.

Vicky shook his head and began to leave. He walked a couple of steps and paused. He turned back towards Umesh and said, ‘You, like every other person from older generation, don’t like the younger generation. You think that we are your unworthy successors and you were far better than us. But did you ever ask yourself that when you were young, were your elders happy with your generation? I am sure that they must have the same impression of your generation as you have for us. But you are going to curse us the same way they would have been doing to you. Keep up the good work of making the life of youth hell Detective U. Good bye’.

Umesh kept on gazing at the retreating Vicky. He realized Vicky was right. He too used to think in his youth that he was a radical thinker and his elders were too orthodox. He realized that just to complete his job quickly and prove the youths wrong, he didn’t even evaluate whether Vicky was actually at fault or not. Umesh hung his head low with the guilt.


Nisha was leaving from office a bit late today. She was hurrying towards her car which was parked in the basement of her office building. As she reached near the door, she heard a voice.

‘Ms Nisha’.

She was freaked out by the voice coming from just behind her back. She turned quickly and saw Detective U. The panic on her face had now replaced by confusion. She smiled and said, ‘Detective Uncle, how come you are here?’

Umesh ignored her question and said, ‘So you broke up with Vicky’.

Nisha’s smile slowly faded away. She thought for a while and said, ‘Of course. He is a cheat. He doesn’t deserve me’. Nisha had absolutely no regret for leaving Vicky. She was quite assured that Vicky was dishonest to her.

Umesh sighed, ‘See Nisha, I have no right to interfere in your personal matters. But, I would say just one thing. It is very easy to end a relationship. It doesn’t take much courage to break up. But, those who struggle through several differences and complications are worthy of being in relationship’.

‘What do you mean?’, asked Nisha, though it appeared that she had understood what Umesh was trying to say.

‘You know what I mean. You cannot take a vital decision of leaving Vicky just on the basis of the photograph I have shared with you’.

‘But you yourself had given me the photographs; as an evidence of Vicky’s disloyalty’.

‘Yes. That was my mistake. Going out with friends is never a disloyalty. He is not cheating on you. His only fault is that he hid it from you. But he is not the only one who is at fault. You are equally wrong’.

Nisha frowned.

Umesh continued. ‘Yes. The amount of suspicion and possessiveness you imposed Vicky had made him to hide the truth from you. But that doesn’t mean he is dishonest. He loves you a lot. And he is shattered now’.

Umesh told Nisha everything about his meeting with Vicky.

Tears streamed down from Nisha’s eyes.

Umesh took his hat off and continued. ‘I should have been a bit wiser. But I just found one incident and handed you the photographs. Vicky was right, we older generation just curse the youth for being irresponsible and impulsive. In a hurry to prove them so, we ignore to do what we are supposed to do: To lead them to the correct path’.

Nisha bowed her head in remorse.

Umesh kept his hand on Nisha’s shoulder. ‘Love doesn’t need a Detective to seek the truth. Go and speak to Vicky. He is not as bad as you think’.

Nisha raised her head and smiled. Umesh put his hat back on his head and turned to leave.

‘Thanks Detective Uncle’, said Nisha. Her eyes were still filled with tears. This time, it was tears of happiness.

Umesh smile behind handkerchief and walked away proudly. The case, in its true sense, had now been solved.

Umesh exited the office building. He had by now removed his hat, handkerchief and overcoat. He took out his mobile phone to book an Uber cab for his home when he saw a message.

Umesh read the message and smiled with gleaming eyes, ‘A new Case’.




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