Didn’t Like Anushka Sharma’s “Pari”? But Here’s Why Virat Kohli Loved It!

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Did Anushka Sharma fail to impress you in “Pari”? Virat Kohli loved it anyway!

Pari : Not a Fairytale is a 2018 Indian supernatural horror film directed by newcomer Prosit Roy. It stars Anushka Sharma and marks her third production venture for her company Clean Slate Films.


Here’s what Anushka Sharma’s husband, Virat Kohli had to say about the movie.

But don’t believe what Virat Kohli has to say. ‘Pari’ is yet another horror film that begins with a promise, but soon went awry.


It could have been so much more than the failed attempt it turns out to be. The direction, clichéd storyline, everything is sloppy and patchily done.

Here’s what happens. A guilt-ridden Arnab, played by the very talented Parambrata Chatterjee, decides to help Rukhsana (Anushka Sharma) after her mother is killed in an accident involving his family. The unkempt Rukhsana, chained like an animal in a secluded hut in the jungle, is found by the police after her mother’s sudden death.

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A few days later, the girl seeks refuge at Arnab’s house claiming that there are people in cahoots with the police trying to kill her. Arnab is too nice to turn away an injured girl whom he now feels responsible for. He decides to provide her shelter till he can figure out an alternative.

The first half plays out interestingly – the accidental death of a mysterious woman, oblique references to some sort of a cult, the strange affection between Arnab and Rukhsana – there are so many interesting possibilities at this point.

The main leads (both Parambrata and Anushka) approach their parts with complete sincerity. Parambrata’s character is almost reminiscent of Kamal Haasan’s role in ‘Sadma’. Anushka, as the freckled, traumatized, weird girl, really sinks her teeth into a completely deglamourized avatar. Alas, neither can rise above a script that just keeps spiraling downwards post the interval.

What follows is standard Bollywood scary fare – creaky doors, flickering lights, discomfiting darkness, weird noises, blood, and gore. Eventually, the power of love tames the evil spirit – or so the director would have us believe.

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By the end of it, the audience will not be terrified, but will be simply exhausted!

How long before Hindi film directors can come up with a compelling horror film such as Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Raat’ or even ‘Bhoot’?

Watch it if you dig the horror genre – Anushka’s acting is definitely worth a dekko, as hubby Virat as already publicly proclaimed.

Did you like the film? Please do let us know your views in comments.

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