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A childhood dream to become a painter, the other second a singer, and then lawyer, a teacher and many personalities we admire each day as a kid.


Everyone wishes to become someone as a little child. Every moment the dream changes, turning into another excited one. They are dreams , aspirations seen from the open eyes of an innocent child.


Growing up, the list of dreams becomes shorter and shorter each day, seeing the situations, the circumstances, the possibility of accomplishing them also becomes less. The hope starts fading away slowly n slowly. Life changes from sprucing dreams each day to making efforts to fulfill at least one of those short-lived desire.

Humans have a tendency to easily give up against odds, failures and then compromise with the situation letting all the dreams and aspirations in vain. The responsibilities increase,the practicality of fulfilling the inner aspiration slowly degrades, leaving with a mind game of prioritizing feasible and beneficial choices.


I wonder sometimes, what all it takes to fulfill a little dream which we see everyday? Is it too difficult or impossible to achieve? Are we so weak that we let situations make us compromise with our own dreams?

Lets not let our dreams die, they are the ones that keep you live inside. Pursue your passion whatever maybe the situation, chase your aspirations till you achieve them. Give time and effort to fulfill it. Because if you are happy in your heart, its a life else a compromise.

Make it true  ‘The little dream’…

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