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Food Wars

food wars
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Just at the midnight ,

I woke up for the snack time ,

My little feet pressed on the floor ,

One by one and I moved on …


Mommy is sleeping … make no noise

If she wakes up, It’s again bedtime ,

Moving slowly with the giggly tummy ,

Tip-tap-top … brave knight moves on ;

Reached the kitchen, shelf’s like a star ,

My little hands can’t reach that far ,

Stood there for ample of time ;

How to grab that gold mine?


Then heard a noise in background ,

Who is it … Is it dad ?

What’s he doing in middle of the night ,

Am I in for a heinous crime ?


Eating chocolates alone is he? ,

I stood there with a frown in keep;

And then he turned and gave a look ,

I stood my ground …. man to man …. for food ;

My eyes went on to attack mode ,

Glared at him till he broke ,

Then finally I was called upon ,

For the bravery I put on ;


Two men sat on the round table ,

The manliness could break the heavens apart ,

Eating the chocolate piece by piece ,

And then started the food wars ;


The kitchen was now the battleground ,

Chocolates , candies , and pizza on stake ;

Now’s not the time to back down ,

But then heard a crackling sound ;


Lights went on and Medusa came along ,

Her stare made us freeze to stone ;

The two warriors with the fierce took ,

Changed to a mouse with a wimpy look ;


Two warriors defeated at a single stare ,

Now was the time for punishment ;

Then , mommy came close to me ,

Gave a kiss and I was free ;


My enemy was left alone to face her wrath ,

He was scared , I could feel that ;

Oh brave warrior, you will be remembered for the centuries that pass;


Dad faced mom wisely ,

Kept his head down silently ,

The lecture was never ending in terms ,

But then he said the magical words ;


He leaped on and hugged her tightly ,

Near to her ear, and said quietly ,

“I love you dear , please don’t be angry “

Mommy smiled and dad survived ;


Cleaned the entire place and went for sleep ,

The war ended quite peacefully ,

The goddess came and forgave us both ,

And tomorrow again, ready for food wars …

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