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How Do I Zip My Lips

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The below poem is written using various idioms.


My mom said her friend smiles

But once in a blue moon

But I wonder why

She’s never blue while smiling (even on full moon)


Some say making her smile

Is a piece of cake

But why waste a cake

To make her smile


I rather treat her

A hot potato

And make a concoction of

Hot potato and apple of eye


But my mom advised

To stop skating on thin ice

While she knows I can’t skate

On land or the ice


She then rebuked and yelled

“Eat your words and Zip your lips”

Now as simple as that seems

It’s driving me crazy (though I can’t drive)


As you see, it’s been four days

I have overeaten my words

And now I’m in a pickle

But I’m full of beans and still searching for the zip!

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Art by-FlowerGirl95 (DeviantArt)

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
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