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Job Interview? Styling Tips And Tricks You Must Know

job interview
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Job interviews are like a first date. You need to look exceptional. You’ll be a bundle of nerves. Good impression counts and the outcome is unpredictable. While your resume talks about your abilities and professional qualification, the appears is a mirror of the kind of person you are. It is important to choose the attire that can make you confident as this one aspect can derail your entire interview. This is not the only deciding factor, but it definitely sets the first impression.

Do you have a job interview scheduled anytime in the near future? Here are some of the dressing tips that will make sure that your look is a career asset and not a liability.


Research on company’s culture

What you wear to the interview can be a difference in getting hired or rejected. So, doing a bit of research is always helpful. Formals are the thumb rule for such occasions. However, there are some companies where the dress code is casual or office casual. In such cases, you can take your look a bit casually. Pick up the most flattering color that you have in your closet, but make sure that it matches the working environment of the company. Avoid choosing the bright distracting shades if they are strict about the dress code of the employees. Improving the appearance will become easy if you have an idea of the same.


Suit up

Suit is something that goes without saying. Make sure that you have a suit on unless you have been instructed to not wear one. Whether you wear a pantsuit or coat paired with a skirt, it can effortlessly project a sincere and professional look. Make sure that you strike the right balance between the outfit and the makeup. The suit look calls for a subtle, sophisticated and elegant appearance. There is a slight difference between good impression and too much impression. Do not overdo the makeup.


Formal footwear

The footwear of an individual. Some of the interviewers particular consider the shoes for giving the grades to the interviewees. So, make sure that you wear the right pair of shoes. It should be clean and well-polished. The leather shoes with a bit of heels is the most acceptable one. Avoid wearing the shoes that reveals you toes. Moreover, it should match the attire that you are wearing.

Don’t wear strong fragrance

You need to smell fresh and pleasant. The perfume of a woman tells more about her personality than her handwriting. So, be very particular in choosing the fragrance for the day. The perfume should last long and should be pleasant and refreshing. Do not go with the strong ones. It should be a indispensable complement to your personality and a finishing touch to your attire.


Check the fitting

No matter how much time and energy, you have invested in your attire, there are chances of going wrong on the scheduled day. So, it is better to go for a costume rehearsal. Put the entire ensemble on and check the fitting. Right from the suit to the trouser, everything should fit perfectly. The sleeve of the suit should start at the horizontal plane of the shoulder. The sleeve should end an inch above the wrist. While if you are wearing a trouser, then, it’s length should end right above the shoes.



Choosing the accessories for job interviews is a tricky affair. It should be stylish, but subtle at the same time. Do not pick the bedazzling jewelries. The earring should match the shape of your face. Avoid wearing the dangle earrings. Keep it simple and sophisticated. You can match it’s shade with the color of the shirt that you’re wearing. Instead of bracelet, wear a wristwatch. A timepiece instantly gives a professional look. The appearance of the lady is incomplete without a handbag. The purse you are carrying should be professional. The leather bags in classic shades like black, white and cream is an ideal option. You can with the bags of Michael Kors. They are an epitome of style coupled with at par sophistication.


Above all, your self-confidence is the deciding factor on interview. So, instead of blaming the luck, have faith in yourself and do your best. All the best!

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