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Let There Be Love!

let there be love
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Mohabbat bahut khoobsurat hoti hai..

Toh kya hua agar woh apne saath thoda sa dard laati hai?


Love! Love! Love! And more love!

Love – A four letter word that has the capability to make or break you. A feeling whose depth you cannot fathom yet something so surreal that you can never have enough of it.

I am in love with love. Balloons, kisses, hearts, chocolates, red, romance, hugs; you name it and I adore it. I am not a movie buff but remember those scenes where the lights are dim and soft music plays in the background while the couple sways to its tunes? I am always up for it.

The long pause and the staring into each other’s souls is something that gives me butterflies even if they’re just acting. I love love and I can say this over and over again and still not have said it enough. But, before I bore you, let me tell you, I am not writing about my tales of love. It, rather, is a small attempt to illustrate the lack of love these days.

Let us all just face it. People have become disconnected. No one is interested in love these days. People scare away from commitments like Marwaris and Sindhis scare away from expenditure! (I am a Marwari so there is no point in getting offended)

There was a time when ishq vishq pyaar vyaar was looked down upon and the only pyaar that existed was Mummy Daddy ka pyaar. Yet, in those very times, people committed to each other in the form of marriage and were roommates for life till death do them part. But, what about now? We throw the word ‘love’ around like it is a ping pong ball!

We date; A LOT! We have relationships and most of them aren’t meaningful. We have sex as and when we please. Physical requirements are fulfilled depending on our needs and we abstain from any sort of emotional attachments. Am I right or am I right?

I can’t really blame you. Our generation has become overly ambitious in terms of profession. You will end up compromising with your personal life to be successful professionally or vice versa.

The sad part is that both the generations are correct in their own ways. They always are. Despite it all, being a true believer in the religion of love, I have to say this to you. There comes a day when success does not mean anything in life unless you have someone to share it with. You don’t want emotional attachments dealing in the industry of romance? Fair enough. But, make sure you have someone to lean on when the days get rough and the nights get stormy. When you find someone who fits this criterion, don’t let them go. Your brain is going to force you to leave them but fight back and stay.

If someday you fall in love then don’t paint a picture with disgust; rather, understand that this is your heart’s desire. Love has a tendency to hurt but it also has the capacity to heal you.

Let your soulmate find you. And, don’t run away when they do. They’ll be your shelter in the rain. 🙂

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