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Life: Alternate Endings

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What was the last choice you ever made ?

Your last decision which you are proud of?

Your first mistake, and your last option?

Life has a lot to give but never decided when or where. We may miss certain endings and may not ever know as what would have happened if we choose a different option.
When we look at our past, we remember those choices which affected us in a major way.

For example : Choosing the stream in class 11th , letting yourself fall in love, or having a baby.

The one thing which should be known and kept in mind is that we may not be the master of the choices we are offered but bending the choices to our benefit is in our hand. Some options may seem to be bad to others but that doesn’t mean they are bad for all of us .

A choice isn’t bad or good but more of perfect and less perfect.

Even if you choose the less perfect choice, you can adapt to it with your will. One shouldn’t regret his or her decisions because they can be bend with your sheer determination and never dying attitude.

So, remember next time whenever you make a choice, you have nothing to fear of. Those who criticise over your choices just show them that you can adapt to any option even if it’s not the perfect one.

Remember that we are the master of the choices we make, the sheer will and never dying attitude is what which is going to help us pass through any difficult times.

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