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Love, what is it?
Some say, it’s like wind, you know it’s there though you can’t see it.
For some, it’s a single soul inhabiting two bodies,


While some think it’s when you see their hearts by looking into someone’s eyes.
Well, the word is in itself, a complete institute,
That it is not a definition’s destitute.


No heart, No cute card!
But an onion can depict love so hard.
Yes! A smelly onion may sound freaky,
But, it teaches as the art of unjoining onion, love is tricky.
The more you peel onion, the more you get tears.
The more you know love, the more your hearts, it wears.
The onion is harmless till it is uncut.


Same way, LOVE is hurtless till when the issue doors are shut.
Love all with bliss is just a wish.
There is no love without anguish.
Ain’t the person we love the most, hurts us the most?
Ain’t the presence of a lover taken for granted, fades love like a ghost?

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Highs and lows in love are like onion with layers.
Just as the layers shrink, love also no more cares.
Let a wrinkled peel be a wedding ring,
As smell to the knife, to your hand, there clings a ring.
Even when one finishes onion from cutting,
It leaves the fingers foully smelling.


Similarly, love ends but it’s whiff carries on leaving one tired.
After long way, seems like it just never cared.
A rose, heart, card may sound romantic and blissful.
But just like onion all I’m trying is to be faithful.


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