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Unfortunately, the plight of people in Delhi is such that we can easily relate this scenario to Wordsworth’s, “what man has made of man” stanza. Humongous immigration from every corner of the country, erosion of culture, exploitation of the masses, increase in hooliganism and heinous crimes add to the whines and grunts of the Delhiites.

Amidst such democratic chaos, I wanted to usher in a change, in a miniscule way though; to train youngsters ramming into Delhi from rural UP, Punjab, Rajasthan and Bihar for want of basic opportunities in education and employment.

Chalking out time from my otherwise busy schedule, I started teaching English to these students, who otherwise lurk in the darkness of being misguided by rustic educational institutes pledging Placements and lucrative careers.

One such student of mine, came down to Delhi from Katni; a remote district in MP, two years back, with an aspiration of pursuing Graduation from a reputed college. However, the biggest obstacle in the path of his dreams was his poor communication skills and presentation; typically a crude rural representation. Incidentally, I got to meet him in an English Language training institute in Delhi, during my visit for a guest lecture and since then, the journey of his life started.

Today, this young gun is preparing for his IELTS, as he now plans to relocate abroad for his higher studies. He speaks in English today; knows to hitch a Windsor knot in his neck tie and is an all – new representation vis-a-vis the individual he was, when he had come down to Delhi.

I am elated to script such success stories; fact being Delhi has become a self – centric city with not much fellow – feelings left.

A snapshot of this boy is enclosed.



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