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Are you a morning person, ladies?

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Are you a morning person, ladies?


If not, then you should read this very carefully and get your life “A game” perfect in the morning and not be a cranky person who generally has a grumpy face when everyone wishes you good morning.


The first tip would be to have a schedule and stick to it. By schedule, I don’t mean sleep by 9:00 PM and wake up at 4 AM, but get your body into a system where you automatically wake up before your alarm buzzes off.

1) 6: 15 AM get out of the bed, get in your sweat pants and clogs. No snoozing of alarm.

2) Have lukewarm water, mixed with lime and honey finish it in one go and then have almonds and walnuts.

3) Go out for a jog, or you can do some workout if you have a home gym this will be great because your body will get pumped up for rest of the day.

4) By 7:00 AM, come back in your home, check your emails, social media websites, finish some pending work from office or whatever you do.

5) 7: 30 AM – Start getting ready for your day, wake up your family members prepare them for the day.

6) 8: 00 AM- Start preparing your breakfast, always make your breakfast little heavy because that will give you the energy to work.

7) Go for coffee, cereals, pancakes, eggs, brown bread, oats, porridge  etc.

Always carry your lunch and have mid-breakfast too.

So, ladies, this will help you to get your life in routine and make your life better than before, I know at times you are lazy to even get out of the bed but get yourself together, stop snoozing your alarm clock and start your day with a big grin on your face.

Be Healthy 🙂  


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