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My Dream Dictionary

My Dream Dictionary
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Ever wondered the significance of various things that you see in your dreams. Here’s my interpretation!


A dictionary about dreams

Has never been my dream

But I love the idea of learning

Some bits about dreams


A tea cup in your dreams

Without tea what it means

You plan to quit sipping tea

But you are hooked to the cup it seems


A hammer is the sign of vigor

That you really wish to attain

And a seagull over the sea

Might mean you want to fly again


A ballet slipper is probably the balance

You wish to attain in life

While you also dream to be powerful

As a shark that eats your dreams


When a table you dream that wobbles

You probably need some focus

And it seems you are afraid to lose teeth

When a dentist visits your dreams


What a rowboat signifies

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That you still have some ties

And you want to elude from your worry

By rowing the boat in a hurry


Now don’t take my words for granted

For I only quilled some verses

As I saw some pen and paper

In my last night’s dreams

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