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My Eulogy in My Funeral

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We Indian students run all our lives behind IITs and NITs only to fail in the end except for a couple of thousands who actually succeed. Being one of those failures, I’ve been pursuing my in Bangalore in a B-grade University. Having a typical engineering student life, I never realized my passion for writing until the last days of my life. And one fine day, my doctor revealed that there isn’t more than a month left for me. Sadness overwhelmed me as I could see nothing but darkness left in my life.

My last wish was to pass away without any regrets and I actually had none except for the one and only thorn that kept stinging deep inside. So I started the journey towards my destiny, to leave without regrets, to rest in peace. For hours and hours, I’d spent time in my room with my laptop typing the story of the twins putting in all my emotions. But my fate came for me three times faster than expected and my body withered away.

My soul… My soul couldn’t leave my body behind. I started to drag my corpse with me to get along and complete my book. I gathered each and every dead cell in my body and willed them towards my destiny while my parents made preparations for my funeral and the society looked with an awe at the ghost that I became. For twenty three days and twenty three nights, I continued the story as my body withered away and my room had been stinking.

I couldn’t do it anymore and the day of my funeral finally arrived. I wore a jeans and t-shirt, pulled up my hood and walked towards the dais to give a eulogy. My eyes were totally blurred and I couldn’t very well look at the audience. I had a faint vision of my father sobbing on my right as my mother buried her face into him. Tears rolled down my brother’s cheeks while my best buddies hid their agony so well. I praised myself for being the most wonderful person that ever lived. Then I proceeded to the important message I wanted to leave behind me. My book wasn’t yet completed. I left it for my beloved sister Deepu to wrap up. As the words walked out of my lips, my body fell off on the dais now completely dead. While my vision faded away, there was a very disturbing noise around me and I suddenly woke up to a boom to hear my room mates play the ‘Shape of You’. I grabbed my brush and towel and rushed into the bathroom cuz there was only half an hour time left for college.

So please don’t become the me in my dream and start running behind your passion.

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