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Nothing Is Impossible In This World

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Gender discrimination is prevalent not just in urban India but is profoundly burrowed within rural India as well. Where men are given higher authoritative honors women are still kept under house arrest. They are not allowed to go out on their own, meet new people, voice out their thoughts, and contending elections is just next to impossible. Men have always been the face of politics or commanding designations. Women have always been led by so called men as they consider themselves superior to the gender of a nurturer. Let me share a story with you…


In a deep-rooted village one day to an underpaid farmer Sukhiram and his wife Gomti a girl was born. They named her Ramana based on their belief that she is a blessing of Lord Rama and she will bring a change to their miserable life but little did they know that she was born to revolutionize lives around her.


As she grew younger, she was excelling in education and public speaking. She was one of those inculcated with unique ideas to uplift the rural life ingrained in villages not just villages in India but round the globe. While she was still in school, once over a meal discussion she voiced to her father that she would like to be the Sarpanch, HeadMan of her village when she grows up. Let’s get involved in the conversation…

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Ramana: Baba, my teacher asked us what would you like to choose as a career after school? As in what would you like to be after few years?

Sukhiram: So what did you answer?

Ramana: I said I would like to be the Sarpanch of this village while my classmates answered to be a teacher, administrator, actress, tailor, cook, etc.

Sukhiram: laughs (sarcastically); (in his mind) your dream is beyond my reach to help you accomplish it.

Ramana: Baba, I will become the Sarpanch of our village one day. I will work with complete dedication and will show everybody that even women can become the Sarpanch and it has nothing to do with the gender.

Sukhiram: After hearing his daughter thinks for few minutes and replies I will stand by you Beta in whatever you aim to be…

The father daughter – duo then shared some giggles along with the meal.


Gomti kept looking at them from a distance imagining the realization of her daughter’s dream.


Twenty years later, Ramana won the Sarpanch elections as she promised to bring a change to the devastated condition of the villagers with her innovative ideas to resolve issues regarding water, electricity, education and women empowerment. She proved that with ones’ sincere efforts nothing is impossible in this world

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