Being Women

Obnoxious Men

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A child is raped and burnt alive

By strong living beings who call themselves “men”

Insensitive of the age and innocence

All that matters to them is the sex of the child


A shameful act to be condemned for ages

But does our responsibility end just there

Is there nothing we can do to chasten such men

Would we meekly witness such deeds in future


Are such acts a measure of virility of men

Is womanhood merely a pleasure for them

Was a woman created to just satiate man’s wishes

To use and manipulate as men please


Who is at fault when a woman is molested

Whose dignity is lost when a woman is assaulted

Do you assent that such a woman should end her life

Is it really a woman who should cry and hide


What legacy are we going to present to our children

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Do such men deserve to be called human

Are such men entitled to absolution

Aren’t they monsters disguised in the soul of human

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
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