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Oomph !

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Behind the beloved screen of smile 

I hide a dwell of several lies.

False thought of making big

Actions against the luck which dig.


The grave of dreams and cloud of thoughts

Bursting out, among the lot.

Holding mind for defining dreams

Into the greatest imagination cream.

Wiped from the cake being made

Of empty fog of trance which fades.

Jotting down the rhyme of oomph

Void eyes across the doom.


Dawn of rankling walking down

Travelling leads my thoughts to frown.

Deep arrows pinned inside

With each step, I walk beside.

Search above the demanding top

Steps beside my legs which hop.

Helps in synonyms of my beat

A soul to fill the right side seat.


Hand in hand who rhyme my oomph

To raise my hand, who will loom?

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