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Papa Ki Rani Hoon Main- Part 3

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Ronit & Supriya came back home. The Next day Ronit bought all the necessary things : water bottle, school bag, lunch box, stationary kit, wax & pencil color for his princess for first day of school while returning back to home from office in evening.

Supriya was so happy & realised a fact that “Betiyaan hamesha apne papa ki Rani hoti hain”. They are the most precious asset of world for their fathers”.

Pankhudi started going to school, she used to be very happy & curious to go to school daily, she use to share all the school activities with Ronit on the way while returning back to home, & Ronit used to listen to it like a small kid.

Ronit used to pick her up from school in afternoon & drop her to school in morning daily.

Time passed & Pankhudi became a grown-up kid. She used to be the most brilliant student of her class, & used to participate in all the activities, plays & sports as well of school.

She passed 12th standard with 96% aggregate & No.1 position in her class. Time came to decide about her graduation.

One day Ronit asked,”Pankhudi, what you want to do now? Like For which stream you like to go for? Or do you want to pursue any other course or want to go in any other field…

Pankhudi replied, “Dad I would like to go for higher studies, & I will choose graduation in Science stream. Is it ok..?”

Ronit replied, ” My princess I would not force anything on you. It’s your career, you have to decide which stream will be most suitable for you according to your aggregates & your interest in a particular stream.

Pankhudi was so happy, she hugged Ronit, ” you are the best dad of the world, Papa”.

Ronit was so overwhelmed, tears came in his eyes & he began to think, ” betiyon ke liye papa hamesha unke hero hote hain, jinpar unhe pura vishwas hota hai ki woh unka hamesha saath denge”..

Next day Ronit ask Pankhudi,”Search out the best college with all the detailed information, when will come home in evening will discuss with you.”

Pankhudi replied, “ok papa will do a detailed research & will collect all the information”

In evening Ronit came back home. Supriya prepared the dinner & Supriya arranged it on the table.

Pankhudi & Ronit came , Pankhudi discussed the details of one of the college she searched out with Ronit & Supriya, finally Ronit & Supriya decided ok, we will go to Bangalore & will see the college , hostel facilities & all, after that will do all the formalities of admission.

Pankhudi replied,” Ok Dad, fine.”

Pankhudi went to sleep. Ronit & Supriya were there only, Supriya was seeing his face, he was upset.

She asked,” What happened Ronit? Why are you so sad?”

Ronit replied,” I am scared of leaving my princess so far, its been since childhood ” I never left her alone, & tomorrow she will go to Bangalore, how would we manage without her.

Supriya replied,” yes you saying right, but parents have to do this for making their kid’s future, & after all she is going for pursuing studies,” we will go to meet her whenever we feel like missing her & likewise she will also come to spend her vacations with us.

Now don’t be upset,” you are a hero for your daughter, & hero can’t be so weak…isn’t it.. it brings a little smile on Ronit’s face.

Supriya held his hands & hugged him,” Ronit we both have to be strong for our “Pankhudi”

Yes Supriya you are saying right”, Ronit replied.

Next Day Ronit, Supriya & Pankhudi went to Bangalore.

They saw the college & hostel., met with the Dean, & faculties.

Finally, they all were satisfied & Ronit & Supriya did all the formalities of Pankhudi’s admission in BSc child care.

They came back home & went to the market, Pankhudi purchased the outfits, necessary things she required & did her packing.

After that she went to her parents’ room. Mom & Dad,” She hugged both of them., & said,”I will miss you mom & dad a lot , & please don’t think that I am going too far, ” you both will be always in my heart”…. please take care of yourself…

Will be in contact with you daily…

Ronit & Supriya felt a little emotional, ” their eyes were filled with tears, but anyhow trying to hide their tears.

They said,” yes will take care of ourselves & you too take care & the moment you feel any problem or anything unfair going on, let us know, will come & have a word with Dean.

Supriya replied,” yes dad & Mom will surely tell you…”

The next day Ronit & Supriya went to Bangalore to drop Pankhudi, & came back home.

To be Continued…
Hello, friends read the story & let me know how is it. Will be waiting for your views.
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