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Para Special Forces, We Love You!

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In the wake of Uri attack, all of us were filled with rage on the 20 lost life of our brothers who fight (for us) at the borders. People demanded action from the government. Some even went to the extent saying that nothing will happen. The government, with well calibrated steps, first took Nawaz Sharif head on at the UN General assembly. Then, allowed our army to carry out surgical strikes (at the time and place of their choosing). There was no such thing as a knee jerk reaction and with full preparation hit the enemy where it hurt them the most. The point is that our government did take steps and backed our army in a manner no other previous government did, at least in last 15 years.

The government took full credit of the surgical strikes and why not they can? People (Opposition parties) are questioning them for taking the credit. They reason that it’s the army who did it, and not the government. We are a democracy, a country where Army won’t do anything without the consent of the government. That is their credibility and we must be proud of it. They aren’t an army like that of our neighboring country where the army runs the government and not vice versa. Having said that, the government must and should be given the credit of what our army did. Our army had the government’s backing.


They say that they are with the army but not with the government. That is exactly what they mean even though Arvind Kejriwal can be as cunning as he wants to be. I was his great supporter and he has lost one. What’s the point of EVIDENCE? If they are WITH THE ARMY why at all do they doubt our DGMO’s word? One of the senior opposition leaders went on making a press conference and said that the surgical strikes were fake. And I agree with G.Parathasarthy that he is a disgrace to the country. There have been multiple cease fire violations in the last week. The Pakistani government is in complete hustle. They are like a drowning person trying its best to catch some breath by moving its limbs at a brisk pace. No country is trying to save them from drowning. And then we ask what did our PM achieve by making so many foreign visits? I don’t think that any other proof is required. We must be patient enough for the next step when experts say that by releasing the tapes of the operations we will be leaking out the tactical information to the enemy’s Intelligence agency.

It was a great moment after the all-party-meet after the strikes when all of them spoke in one voice. But who knew that they will go home and start thinking how they can, at all if they can, corner the government in some manner. Why don’t we understand that it’s a matter on which the world is looking at us? No matter how much it doubts us, we mustn’t doubt ourselves. We mustn’t create confusion in such matters even if you lose a few votes. I bet it that by doing so you’ll lose more. Please, for god sake understand the pain of those brothers (clearly being reflected in the voice of our former Armed Forces Commanders who put their point of view on prime time at 9 PM) , who fights for us at the borders. They gave us a moment which must have united us. Won’t they feel disheartened that we have started to politicize the issue instead of showing our unity? They definitely would. Please don’t do it.

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