Sleep Bathing

sleep bathing
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Around nine years ago, one morning, I woke up with an awful expression on my face. That was because I had a terribly different feeling all over my body. It was as if the cold air penetrated into my skin without any thing to protect me. I looked down to find the most horrible situation may be no one ever experienced. The thing is, I was lying there on the bed with nothing on my body except for my blanket. I remember myself wearing a T-shirt and track before going to bed the previous night at 9’o’clock. My towel was lying by my side inside my blanket. I found out that I was lying there all alone in the room. I wrapped myself up in the blanket, reached the cupboard, and put on a pair of clothes.


We lived in an apartment back then. Once dressed up, I ran around all the house to find no one, not even my brother. I searched the whole house to find the dress I remember to have worn the previous night. No sign of them. I was locked inside my house to feel annoyed then than ever all by myself. I sat there in the balcony, horrified, thinking of what might have happened. An hour passed.

For the first time in my life, the horn of our car seemed so awesome to my ears. I rushed to the front door and waited for the door to open, for someone to come in and tell me what all that weird stuff was. I heard a sound of keys clicking and lock opening followed by the bolt. There came my mum and by seeing her I could tell that she was returning from the market. Not even giving her the time to come in and sit, I started asking her why I was dressed in a towel instead of my night dress. She looked at me surprisingly and asked if I don’t remember anything. Her version of the story went on…


Midnight around 12’o’clock I myself went into the bathroom and sat under the shower with my clothes on. My mom saw me there in the open door bathroom.

Mom(horrified): What’s wrong? What are you doing?

Me: I’m taking a bath of course.

Mom(irritated this time): Stop this nonsense and go get dressed and go to bed.

I got hold of my towel, wrapped myself up in it and went to bed. All of this happened after I slept.

I felt so surprised to have forgotten all the things I’ve done in my sleep. I took bath in my sleep and I forgot… just like that.

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