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Some Unwanted Feelings

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Rajiva’s forehead was sweating and he was convoluted with emotions of fear, insecurity, tension and his blood pressure was rising above and above. He was saying to himself  “Oh god! what will happen?”. 

It is his first time for this kind of an emotional experience. His fingers were running back and forth on each other very rapidly. He was looking at the clock with his trademark cool and constant gaze and wishing that the time shall pass quickly and he shall win this battle of life as well like most others he had won. 

Rajiva was a really decent kind of a guy, very polite, down to earth, handsome, humorous and his friends always said that his company was very soothing and relaxing. He was mature and hard working, a perfect son, perfect friend, perfect brother and a perfect husband. He was very shy with women. He had all the love that he wanted in his family and friends. The most important share of love from his life was radiated by his wife Reena. Reena was also as adorable, charming and lovable as Rajiva. She was a mature and beautiful woman. She was simple and ambitious. She wanted to do many great things in life. She wanted to achieve, to fly with her aspirations and time was with her.

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Rajiva had been doing well in his job which gave him a decent salary. It was a perfect couple. Reena had just got the promotion letter and her salary was to be updated and Rajiva had got the best employee award for that year in his office. The crucial juncture due to which Rajiva was tensed presently was that Reena was about to deliver a baby. She was unconscious and lying in bed. Rajiva was clueless of his condition as well. 

Finally, Reena gave birth to a baby boy. But when he was born, his colour of the body was blue for some time. Doctors on investigation found out that due to lack of oxygen at the time of birth; the baby’s brain had been damaged and he was a victim of cerebral palsy. He was a mentally challenged baby. Rajiva’s happiness was short lived. He became and felt like a dead person. He was devastated, started alcohol and cigarettes on daily basis. He felt horrible, defeated. Reena also on other hand was mostly in tears and was emotionally disturbed. She was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression after years of mental sadness. The society discouraged them, some even said to kill the baby; some made fun of them, some were happy about their downfall.

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