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The Spell of Voodoo Queen

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The forlorn old house at the end of boulevard

Where fire in the hearth is lit all night

And even when sun is shining bright


The eerie sounds fence its dome

Where skull and bone hang on the gate

And dolls of cloth and string await


The Queen of voodoo is believed to abode

That house of evil and immortal souls

Where snow never melts and spell never rolls


Some say that wicked sorceress has a crystal ball

She has caged the devil with her magic wand

And teases his spirit with her dexterous hand


Some footprints that vampire noticed in the snow

Some droplets of blood illuminated her eyes

Some silhouette she was quick to fathom and pry


Oh dear! She’s swiftly chanting her magical spell

It appears she’ll cage me next to the demon

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Why did I dare to explore her museum!


Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
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