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The Dark Night of The Soul

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If we describe it in the most simple way, the dark night of the soul is a temporary loss of the connection to God and a gradual death of your personality. If someone is going through that stage, the following list would look like his/ her personal story. If you experience the same, it means you too are now in the dark night of the soul.

To even achieve the stage of the dark night of the soul, you need to go through many personal transformations and spiritual awakenings. You need to lose a lot of your ego and start feeling the spiritual world. And then, after some time, the dark night of the soul must come. This might happen after ten years of your spiritual development, or even after a year. It all depends how much dedicated you were in your past and current life to awaken spiritually.

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As the blossoming of flowers is a natural process, so the dark night of the soul is experienced by everyone wanting to achieve enlightenment. You can’t avoid it, and although it’s a really dead, upsetting, and sometimes even frightening state, you have to be completely patient with it. If you are not patient and you can’t wait for it to pass, it will linger for a long time. The same goes with any other spiritual achievement – the more impatient you are, the longer you will need to wait for it.

Losing the connection to God marks the beginning of the dark night of the soul. After so many days/months/years of quick manifestation and fast answering to prayers, the connection to the Universal power is gone from your life. Your life, just recently filled with an abundance of evidence of God’s presence, now seems to have lost its aliveness.

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The loss of connection to God must happen for you to realise that you are God. When this loss of connection happens, you suddenly feel completely alone. Gradually though, you start feeling that all the world is you. This realisation brings peace and joy into your being.

This disconnection from the God is followed by an increased sensitivity to the moon phases. This sensitivity manifests into mood swings. You start getting extremely angry or you manifest other negative character traits. Dogs at this stage might even bark at you, because of your darkened aura. This is all natural, and with time your aura will completely cleanse itself from all the negative entities/energies and will be much brighter than of the people who did not experience this cleansing.

During the dark night of the soul, everything to do with your personality withers and eventually dies. The preferences of a coffee brand, of a particular car or a clothing style finish and even your hobbies don’t seem so important or exciting anymore. In general, you stop caring about many things.

During the dark night of the soul a person goes through the stages of being extremely emotional to very calm. This is confusing and it makes you further lose awareness of your character. You start doubting whether all the times spent in meditation and spiritual contemplation were useful.

Even your food preferences disappear, together with all other small things that made you You. You can’t recognise yourself anymore and you don’t even want to. You look at the world as an illusion, and it makes you feel sad sometimes, and uplifted at other times.

You doubt everything and you feel disconnected from the world of Spirit. You know it’s there, but you no longer can access it. You feel cut off from the material world, but you also have no reach to the spiritual world. You are in a very calm and quality-less gap of these two worlds. Sometimes the material world grabs hold of you and thus you get very emotional, but its grip is no longer strong and you quickly jump back to this in-between state.

During the dark night of the soul you are likely to spend many hours asking questions to which you get no answers or answers come very slowly, not like before. Just recently you could manifest everything very fast, but now the time seems to have frozen.

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The strong feeling of purpose you felt now seems like a mere fantasy. You feel like you are living a life without any purpose. You just exist, but you don’t know why.

You will feel like there’s nowhere for you to run. You live in an illusion but you can’t escape it. You want to feel the non physical reality but you can’t. That can be really disheartening. However know that it’s a very good sign that you feel this way. Most people think that they are entirely free, but you have become completely aware of the limitations of human life.

You feel like your mind can’t help you, it only creates more problems. And the It that hides behind the mind is unresponsive.

You feel trapped. There’s nowhere to escape. The world, although it seemed big to you in the past, now seems very small.

The feeling inside during the dark night of the soul is similar to emptiness, but if you pay attention to it, you will realise it’s confusion instead. Your inner self is going through a massive transformation but you are not allowed to witness it. You just feel the consequences of the transformational actions. You will only fully understand what has been changed in you when the transformation is over.

During this transitioning your body may undergo some changes too. Some of the changes might be negative. For example, you may suddenly have iron deficiency in blood.


What to do during the dark night of the soul

During this unexpected and challenging time of your spiritual development, try to enjoy this transition, however hard it might seem to be. Be in the present moment, in this restful state. Remember, if you try rushing things, they will only get slower. So stay with this feeling of confusion, non-activity and sometimes the storm of emotions. Don’t get caught up with any of it though. Stay calm and observe what’s happening.  This too shall pass.

Also know that although the loss of the connection to God is temporary, once you get “re-connected”, the feeling you will experience will be completely different. This disconnection happened for you to realise that there’s no external God power, that the God is actually you. So that last stage of the dark night of the soul, as it’s told by some, is a total realisation that you are God and seeing You in every living and non-living being.

Instead of waiting for this challenging state to finish, stay calm and don’t engage your mind. Simply be, and this will allow the silent Divine in you to act. If you allow this to happen, miracles will again start happening in your life.

Create goodness in the world in any way you can, be it through your job, hobbies or nice acts towards people, plants and animals. Respect nature and other living beings. Although you can’t now feel it, acknowledge the divinity in everything, even a stone.

If you don’t rush it, the dark night of the soul will surely end. Then you will arrive at the dawn of the enlightenment.


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