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The Worth Of You

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Bind yourself tight in this
Mystic moment of silence
To go deep into an insight
Familiar with the unfamiliar
An undiscovered core of emotions
The kind that will set you apart
Whenever strikes; the wave of monotony.


This world that exists around you
Is like an evanescent skyline
Changing colors and patterns
From the most graceful to the most gloomy
You keep walking and it keeps morphing
What you carry along with you
Is the mere essence of you;
Of everything that you are
Eventually becoming your best companion

Endow this special friend with your generous trust
And all the affection and care you can pour out
For you’ll not be in the doubt of insecurity
To have it all rebounding upon you
Leaching you out of your own well-being.


Look around you; beneath the obvious
Plumes of dark clouds hanging low
Stately mountains guarding a gushing river
And a deserted roadway for your tread


You are a gem that has fallen into nature’s lap
The nature that is not at its vibrant best
Hazed by undertones of a premonition
Like one step forward you take
And the road caves in, leaving you dangling
At the edge of a startling reality
That you need to be pre-equipped
To deal with forces that can shred you apart

They will shake you up from the bottom
And you’ll keep wondering about how and why
It ever happened when you never wronged a soul
Being alive and being able to breathe again
Eventually becoming a tedious exercise in futility


Disheartening that your importance would not be worth
A miniscule grain of dust evaporating into oblivion.
The worth that may not be of worth to the worthless
The ones who are oblivious to your existence


But the shrinking worth swells up
When it causes you to concern your own self
Because whenever things go down with you
You look down, around your penumbra
A shadow of you that is distorted and broken
Will come to life with one leap of faith
One kind act and its all yours

To steer you clear of an unnerving obscurity
It will guide you through the labyrinth
Of twisted roadways and uninspiring moments
Your only companion in the hour of peril
Fulfilling your worth to make you feel proud
Even in the middle of a raging storm
Where you will find yourself standing
Strong and poised at the top of a mountain
Raised to a special high above the distressing reality

Mist clearing up to a sight of the emerald valleys
And the hurtling waters of the pristine river
That will bring tears to your eyes
The insightful realization of happiness
That comes after a hard fought battle
Of heartbreaks that are vicious
Products of misjudged investments

So when the world strikes at you,
People stab you inside out
And you are left astray,
Bleeding your heart out
You make one single valiant effort
To get up on your feet
Transcending yourself to the world
Which was reverberating with your essence
Your essence that was deep rooted in the
Sublime beauty of nature’s bounty; selfless and pure
A wisp of a refreshing wind touching upon your face
And your lips curving into a self-assuring smile
The smile born out of pain and impending happiness.

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