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And she decided “I will leave now. I can’t take it anymore”

The next moment she wondered where she will head to, where would she find the place where her inner peace beholds? She had decided, she needed a break, a break from everything, her thoughts foremost. She would pack her bag, keep all means of communication aside, get some money and would be lost. Lost in the mountains, in the sea, lost where nobody is able to find her, where people don’t know her, don’t have expectations from her. She will explore the world as a free bird. She will not answer anybody, nobody to ask her, question her, insult her, manipulate her, and judge her. She would be solitary and would meet new people.

She closed her eyes and wished this was true.

Many of us do wish the same, the same feeling, the same emotions, but the next moment, there is a war between our own thoughts. One moment it says to leave everything following ‘Sab Moh Maaya hai ‘theory, the other it prioritizes career goals, foresees life, makes plans.

We all have the same thoughts as the above girl at least once, but then have we ever been able to turn this into reality? We all know the answer to it inside.

The happiness, the freedom we are searching for is nowhere except inside us. Wander and you will find yourself .Find yourself and you will find happiness. Dig into yourself and you will find a whole new world, a sense of freedom, a sense of contentment inside you.

‘Wander to know the wonder’

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