Inspirational Poetry

When Night Starts Falling

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

Dips the sun its head
beyond the far hills,
Mesmerized by the voices
home returning birds sing;


Stands the cloud
silent in the corner of skies
Having the distance
from red patches of light.


Far in the dense forest
where lights close its eyes,
In the depth of heart
hides the silence;


Docking the darkness
to cover the surroundings,
Dwindling the outcries
night starts falling


On the shallow river,
Moon ambers its face,
With amour of lilies
that linger to glisten,
On the rhythm of silence
stars open the eyes.


This, when in life
sets the dusk, perhaps
Between life to death
in the mixture of joy and fear,
Desolate soul wants
to treasures the thoughts.


But the seller of lives
closes the door,
Leaving behind
the blanket of solitariness.

Mercy minds with mercy thoughts
Sleep in ground
Perhaps in life night falls
Yes, my dear
in life, night falls.

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

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