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When You Are Nobody… You’re Everything!

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When you’re nobody in the eyes of the world, you’re Everything in the eyes of God.

Most people want to be somebody. But those who achieve all their dreams and realize their illusory nature, may be led to spiritual truths such as that humility is of soul, and specialness and pomp – of ego.

Some people confuse humility with a manifestation of ego drama of putting oneself down. The narcissistic ‘poor me’ ego cry for all to notice has nothing in common with humility. Such a cry shows the perceived self-importance as such ones believe the whole world revolves around their little lives and selves.

There are people in the world who know how to attract extraordinary wealth and loving followers, yet they choose to stay away from the crowd and not draw attention to themselves in any way. They wear simple clothes, and you won’t find them in the middle of a group explaining spiritual concepts so that passers-by would hear.

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You usually won’t hear such ones talking at all, as they prefer silence. Many give away their belongings, and, with a small bundle of essential personal items, travel the world.

They’re like gently flowing water – never resisting, being at peace with every circumstance and event, not fussing about anything, not causing any distress to anyone. They’re so flexible and accepting that no circumstance takes them out of balance. They would feel at peace in a luxurious hotel and they’d feel the same way in a poor villager’s hut.

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People who don’t talk much either are too ignorant to make a contribution to the conversation, or are wise enough to know that in most cases it’s better not to say a word. Those who love giving opinions usually know half-truths and only display their ignorance as soon as they open their mouths. Silence teaches more than words, because only from silence real wisdom arises.

It’s very easy for people to overlook the sages, because they don’t try to draw attention to themselves. They’re not wearing clothes indicating their wealth or spirituality level. They don’t attract crowds by making their teachings widely known. They don’t attract interest with their expensive belongings as they have none.

How can a person in search of truth recognize these sages? Most people will think such wise ones are nothing – just regular passers-by, or even worse, they might be confused with beggars if they look very simple. It takes silence to become sensitive enough to perceive people who don’t want to stand out. And once you find such (if you do, for they are rare), their actions will show if they are sages or not (“By their fruit you’ll know them” – Bible).

The sages realized that all of the creation is equal. When you really know that, it’s pitiful to watch one brother trying to appear more special than the rest. Though such a proud one may think he looks like a king, to a wise one he looks like a silly child. And it’s utterly weird to observe other children who are in deep hypnosis behaving differently with the one who thinks himself in some way more special.

A discerning eye will look at popes and gurus of all sorts seeing their equality with the rest. Though the masses, not knowing their inner power, fall at the feet of such ones thinking they are gods, the wise ones know they’re merely slightly smarter children among the more ignorant ones.

There shouldn’t be any attitude change whether one talks to a poor person or a king. All are brothers and sisters, and though in this life a king is a king, maybe in the next life he will be a beggar. It’s all a game – we are all sparks of God of equal worth.

When the realization dawns about the equality of humanity, ego coverings start dissolving, and you find freedom in being less acknowledged, as it’s the poverty-minded ego that’s hungry for attention. The more ego coverings are shed, the more the person rejoices in being just a passer-by, an observer of humanity, a gentle being fully abiding by the laws of the universe. Such as person is indeed like a stream of water – refreshing to those who come in contact with it.

In this world of show and entertainment, where people strive to get attention by wearing bright colors and talking loudly to be heard, it takes awareness to discern quiet sages still walking this Earth. The sight of these perfected souls are afforded only to those who themselves are becoming less noisy and more inwardly-oriented. It’s afforded to those who understand that it’s not the noise, but the silence that teaches the Truth, and it’s not the external show, but balance and poise which guides to the true nature of one’s being.

The loud ones, deeply immersed into the world, will never understand such a modest way of life. And they shouldn’t. It’s not yet time for them to understand the uselessness of earthly toys. But know, my dear reader, that specialness and pomp leads only to the cruel feeling of aloneness and separation.

It’s the ever-increasing simplicity that finally dissolves before your eyes all the differences of humanity, and makes you realize the common root of all. And when you find this common root, when you get in touch with it, it will give you never-ending bliss and the sight of your immortal and omnipresent nature which the worldly-minded ones can never know.



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