Inspirational Poetry

Writer Vs. Woman

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I am a writer

Writing is my passion

Writing has levitated me to new levels

I love the liberty to express myself



You are a woman

                        You must never forget

                        You are the weakest creation

                        You need all defense



“Weakest? Who? Me?”

My words have the power to contest anyone

My views can stimulate and retort anyone

Do I need a better armor when words are my defense?


                         You are fragile

                         from birth till demise

                        You are and will be

                        A piece of emotional crap



My fragility is my exquisiteness

My emotions are my strength

I use both tools to bolster my inscription

I have the courage to voice my opinions


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You were breathed to bear

                        And rear more of your kind

                        Don’t waste your time

                        In verses and rhymes



I produce more poems

I rear more writers

My verses breathe life in more women of my kind

I am proud to be a writer as I am proud to be a woman!


Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
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