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You are UNIQUE

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Ever wondered why we always feel the other person is more blessed than us? The other person being more happy than yourself?

Be it  looks, lifestyle, we are always concerned about the other people.

Just a simple example; I have straight hair and my sister has got curly hair, while I wish of having curly hairs, she wishes to have straight ?.

Both of us wishing for the opposite of what we possess.

We always wish for what others have. Everybody has imperfections and no matter what, we always try to change or hide them. Sometimes, when I visit Delhi’s Central Park, I see many of the foreigners dressed in Indian Attires and almost all of us Indians dressed in Western and wonder of the opposite choices.

We have a strong inclination to adapt to the other person’s world letting our own self disappear slowly.


Well, in spite of all the flaws and imperfections, there is something that makes you different from all others. There is something unique about yourself.

You are special. Just keep it original :)

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