7 Things That Prove You Have The Coolest Brother

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He addresses you with weird names and fights with you, but he also pampers you the most. A brother-sister bond is unique and endearing. Having a brother is a blessing, indeed. From being a headache to being a protective parent, he is all sorts of wonderful things packed into single. From doing crazy stuff to giving you advice, he is your key guy. Here are 7 things that prove you have the coolest brother.

1. He is your BFF

He’s the first best friend you have ever made, doubtless. As you two have been together for you were babies. All of your friends are mutual. You can crack your lamest joke in front of him, knowing that he can yield you that “not funny” look and would make fun of you later. You hate that, of course, but you enjoy that also.

2. He knows you the best

Hiding things from him just impossible, as he knows you better than anybody else. He can very easily tell if you had been crying or it’s just sleeplessness from your face.  And can detect the finest of your lies. He knows you inside out and outside in.

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3. He is your partner-in-crime

If you ever become a superhero (or a super villain), your brother is going to be your sidekick or vice versa. You can make out all sorts of mischievous acts in his company and he will surely lend you a hand. And If anyone tries to hurt you, he is always ready to crush their face.

4. He is your personal cheerleader

Whether it’s about coming first in the class or about creating a high score in any video game. He is always there to cheer you up. He helps you improvise and inspires you to get yourself better.

5. He is your ATM machine

He spends lavishly when it gets to you. Chocolates, presents, anything, he’s ready to buy for you (unless, it costs a million dollar bill). Unlike mom and dad, he’d never ask you “101 questions about why do you demand money?”. If you require it, you can take it.

6. He is your league

Your brother will always take a stand for you. He gives you more priority than the family or friends. It Doesn’t matter even if it’s about his basketball team, you will be on his team, if that makes you glad.

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7. He is your personal clown

Accept it, he is the kind of soul who can make you laugh at someone’s funeral. He’d really do anything to bring that wide, bright smile or that monstrous laugh. He simply can’t bear your upset, sullen face. One moment he’d cause something weird and you’d be laughing like a retarded seal the other.

In short, having a brother with these super powers is a boon. He will always love you, no matter what comes about.

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