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9 things that every year’s first rain reminds us of…

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The monsoon season is finally here, and the first rains are always special. They mean different things to different people, but somewhere there is a hidden ecstasy for rains in everyone who has a heart.

“Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain”.


Can you identify yourself with any of the following things about rains, especially the season’s first rain…

1) The fragrance of the earth when it rains after a long dry spell. The first rain drops being welcomed by the thirsty earth, and the petrichor signifying this bond to be a pure, serene and eternal connection…



2) Walking in the rain, and not just because no one can see you cry there. There is much more to life than crying. You can just pour your heart out, but never cry again for the same reason.

The soulfulness you can feel in the rain is incomparable. Just be there, feel it. And if you are walking there with your soulmate, what better can you ask for!

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet”- Bob Marley


3) You can rekindle your love chords in the rain. Everyone who had, is currently in or is going to enter in a new relationship can identify very well with the rains.

Love liberates you, and so does rain. Romance and Rain begin with the same letter for a reason…


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4) What’s better if you get hot coffee/tea and fried snacks and get to enjoy them sitting in your balcony or rooftop, with a romantic number playing in the background? PRICELESS!




5) Paperboats and you! Childhood revisited. You had an awesome childhood, if rain meant sailing the paper boats for hours together, without thinking of anything else…



6) Its all artilicious in the beautifying rain. Artists paint, poets write, singers sing and the rain beautifies it all! Just the touch of rain is such that it brings out the best of you outside, if you are of the kind who really knows how to feel!



7) Rains also come with a realisation that as seasons change, so do the situations in our life change. It cannot be unbearably hot and clingy always, relief is always on the way. Its just that you will value the pleasure after you have experienced the pain, or it might have been difficult for you to differentiate between both. Be thankful!


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8) Playing outdoor games with friends, gets a new meaning in rains. Becoming drenched while playing and getting all dirtied up in mud water is simply beyond compare. Tighten your shoe laces and get going!



9) Just sitting there and feeling the touch of raindrops is again invaluable! Just lock up the thoughts, get away from the world and be with yourself. The sound of rain and its touch is enough to make you realise that YOU exist and life around you is still beautiful. Celebrate yourself, your existence!


“Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes it Rains.”

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