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bomb explosion
Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

Prosperous fields and
vivid skies enamoured me
as my people were ecstatic
in our lives free of any jitters.

Me and my sister had
been relishing our school
as mom gave us scrumptious
food for dividing it with
our associates.

One day the clouds
were drab in hue me
and her began to sprint
towards our residence after
school but swiftly a bullet
arrested our march.

She got terrorized on looking
at a bullet her eyes released
a torrent of tears I was in
a confusion now whether to
take refuge someplace else
or await a calm environment
for going home.

The skies got blocked with
mercenary airliners shelling out
deadly projectile on those rebels
flooding the entire land around us
in dark red juice called blood.

My sister constantly wailed
and I was unfit for helping
us to hit the safety terrain
as soldiers and rebels battled
each other with bullets and missiles.

Somehow dodging those faces
stitched with blood we landed at
our condominium relieved at the
termination of our battle of survival.

Outside, the fields got painted in
blood some were exterminated by
those ground shaking missiles
the house shook fiercely and
my family looked at the framed
Mecca requesting the Holy Allah
to save us from this violent melee.

Out of nowhere the bullets pierced
the walls of our home we hid
ourselves underneath the dining table
that was competent of saving us for
a few bullet shots.

My dad and mom got up
and aspired to save all of us
from this commotion by taking out
ammunition to have a chat with
those soldiers and rebels looking
to disrupt our peaceful lives.

Me and my sister watched
those little calves and lambs
being butchered by the bullets
and grenades those heartless
soldiers used against those rebels
my heart jolted at looking at
those inanimate creatures.

I heard two cacophonous voices
they were of our creators
their asleep figures
watching the blackish sky
my sister and I were
now alone in our dynasty.

Wailing at our parents’ demise
with our souls crushed
we had no other option
but to have a clash
with those butchering soldiers.

We took the armaments from
our guardians and rode out
to extirpate those soldiers
vindicating our parents’ demise
slashing the chests of those
evil folks with our axes
and guns.

Suddenly a bullet pierced the
skull of my little sister and
she was assassinated in a
moment leaving only me
in my family as the sole
survivor of this horrifying war.

My brain and heart conspired to
just slaughter these soldiers
without hearing their petition for
pity on them as they made me
an orphan, depriving me of my
parents and sister.

So I began my vengeance against
those butchers by taking the name
of the Holy God slaying the enemies
of my family and my country
leaving no option of clemency for
them as these people killed
innocent people of our homeland.

As I ended my retribution on them
I was the sole survivor on the
theater of war now I had to think
of my subsequent time as a foundling
now I was a hermit in this world
where I can retire and live without any
negativity and bloodshed haunting me.

I whimper as I ponder upon the
fate of my soil and its residents
after this melee which has taken a
toll on us very severely and has
lead to eradication of happiness
and murdered lots of my countrymen
made many children like me alone
killed our dreams and left us to
crumble in the aftermath of the war.

A bomb that began the deterioration
of my kingdom those guns that killed
innocent people those projectile that
executed silent and kind animals
a day that made me a orphan
and a hermit.

A bomb, that destroyed my life.

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

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