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Dear Society…

dear society
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Dear society, here I have something to say to you

I know you’re not willing to listen, but eager to judge

Coz frankly you just give a damn about someone’s deed

But yes, ready to gossip about hands in need.


You know how even today we are grabbed inside that cave

Whose doors to you are the deciding factors of one’s character

The one who follows the crowd is decent and admirable

One who steps out to bring the change, damnable


Yes, we do have that courage to break the glass ceiling

But still resist our feets sometimes, due to your awful laws

Not because we fear to get demean by you people

But for the need and survival our our people..


Our parents, that are wholly bounded and surrounded by you

Even knowing that there is nothing wrong with us taking a step

Do sometimes stop us for the sake of their respect

In the name of society, who’ll ruin their survival in every aspect..


There was nothing wrong with Zoya marrying Ram,

For the two were immensely dipped in the color of that beautiful love

Which never differentiate between casts or position according to us

To you which is a sin, only if two different religion need a plus…


We do have that urge inside, to make you get a live

On how beautiful the brotherhood can be, if you’ll once try to see

My friends Hassan, Prabjot, Christopher and Ram when sit together in every festival

Nothing is more beautiful in the world that moment, blessings sweeter as chocolate with caramel…


Hey society, don’t think I’m depressed about our condition

Here I feel pity for you, about the pathetic rules you abide by

That doesn’t allow you to experience the beauty of all the religions, just because of your pointless strife

And the sins you unknowingly commit by cursing Zoya, that she had to finish her life.


I feel pity that you have still bounded people in that false world,

Where girls are not allowed to move out during menstruation as that will make others impure

Shouldn’t you be glad that she is now into womanhood, as responsible as she could be

Why can’t you celebrate and rejoice, rather than stinging her like a bee??


Here I have to say to you and I hope you won’t judge, but understand

We do have an urge to be the best children, but not at the cost of your beliefs

For we can make our own paths, and we will step out every time we’ll feel

Coz the wounds you silently give, if we’ll accept; more than a life will be destroyed but they’ll never heal.

Yes, sometimes we feel if we youngsters can change your mind

And let you experience how good it feels when you don’t judge but try to understand

That every creature has the right to make choices and explore

Let them take a chance and you’ll see all the ships reaching their shore!


We expect to see a day, when you’ll neither discriminate nor judge

But accept one’s dreams and decisions ignoring to gossip about them once

Guide us for our good, not to satisfy your baseless belief

As we do want to value you, giving our souls a true relief!


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