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ENDLESS, TIMELESS … My Picture Perfect Love…

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Looking for a happy ending to your love story this Valentines day? Think again …the moment you say the word “end” it all really ends!

Remember when you first met, your hearts missed a beat and you couldn’t imagine how it stayed in the ribcage with out bursting. The joy was immense. The pride to be dating the ultimate partner was so cool. You were flying, head high….shoulders straight …chin up ! You were the proud owner of your “Baby’s” heart;
Love. Love. Love was in the air .


You took long walks in the gardens holding hands and stealing a kiss once in a while being joyfully amazed at your fate. Sometimes later, when alone , pinching yourself if all this was true ….or maybe talking to yourself in the mirror with an ear to ear smile …..
If not with your lover you wanted to stay alone so none would pollute your thoughts of togetherness. Your heart aches for each other! A picture perfect love.
We all crave to have happy endings to our love stories, but what is your happy ending? Is it consummations of two bodies/souls? Or the ceremony of marriage, the stamp of society or maybe, the dark side of love i.e. separation?

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Some time ago, I was young and in love and wanted to get married to my sweetheart, my mother asked how I would survive on his meager income and I beamed, “Fresh air and love, Ma!” Well, this January when I tried to breathe some fresh air for breakfast I got choked on pollutants#325…. reality!
Fresh air and he have gone since, but Love remained and I stay addicted to it till date! It has moved on from romantic love to the warmth of his reflections in our children.

How many times can one have a “happy” ending or if that is even possible?


Well I say, why look for these endings? Why not a new happy beginning to another story of your life’s journey? Right?
Reaffirmation of love is message of the day! To feel what you felt when you first met. The first touch, the first kiss, the first of the first of everything together.
“Will you be my valentine? Darling lets fall in love, again!”


Let the stories of great lovers inspire you. Eternal and timeless love in Shah Jahan’s Taj Mahal for his wife, Mumtaz or King Edward VIII of Briton’s abdication of the throne for his lady love, Wallis. Its pure romantic love and more! St. Valentine gave up his life uniting love-smitten couples! Cupid is busy with the saint’s labors and is everywhere, looking for souls to unite in romance for all eternity (or so they would wish!). So be there, be prepared with flowers, chocolates and your heart in your palm. Lose it to someone special, “The ONE”.

It’s a magical day, love and spring is in the air, fresh blossoms are everywhere. Angels are shooting arrows dipped in love potions. Open up your arms (Shahrukh style) get pierced for the first time or the nth time!
Even when your loved one is not around you, be charmed by the thought that your hearts are with each other. Love is endless and timeless… Everyday is a new beginning!
Let there be a song on your lips and poem in your heart… YOU ARE…


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  1. Jasmine

    February 23, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    Nice one.

  2. Pratish

    February 18, 2016 at 12:33 pm

    Everyone deserves true love.. but they should be willing to reciprocate the same as well..

  3. Aparna

    February 18, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    I agree, love is timeless and picture perfect.

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