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Life is an amalgamation of desires and thoughts,
One has thoughts and viewpoints which are full of aspirations,

There are dreams and inherent desires,
Which don’t reach their pinnacle,
Unless there is a direction of their heart which is on fire,

Frustrations consume you, exhume you, peruse your very being and have the capability to encompass you,
In a shroud of uncertainties,
Which are hushed and in a state of trivialities,


One should have the sanity to overcome frustrations as they raise their heads like a snake,
Which has lethal fangs of desperation and disappointments, which can engulf your very being and existence!

Frustrations are a result of suppressed emotions,
Those emotions which are deep within your heart and which you suppressed,
Maybe as the need of the hour or as the desire to hush them whenever they resurfaced,

That is the mistake we all tend to do, by not turning around and facing them,
They can be turned around and slid under the carpet as life is not full of Frustrations it is full of aspirations and it is the aspiration to live, is that sustains us and retains our vitality.


Friends shed your frustrations and wake up and lead a life filled with hope and joy and enjoy every moment of it rather than regretting and fretting and fuming because of the past, live life fully and completely full of aspirations with aberrations!

Frustrations kill us, we should kill them to embed a sense of hope that they are not our energy and attention in any way!

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