Being Women

Gender Differences!

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Being a Woman is still my pride

A life where more than laughing I have cried…

Where I lived certain years of dictatorship

As from the story of my life freedom was a skip!


Being a daughter I was forced to get education in a girls school,

Thankfully there aren’t many colleges who follow that rule…

I was told to be home before six in the evening

My guy friends sometimes would party or hangout till six in the morning!

Being a sister I gave up on my fav games many a times

Have been beaten up by parents for his crimes…

Falling a trap to mom’s dialogues like “he’s your younger bro”-

Majorly it was me who cleared the mess he created – like a pro.


Being a daughter-in-law I was accustomed to accommodate in a distinct habitat

Where the first few days were like a race between a mouse and a cat…

After learning the tricks of the trade

I managed to make delicious food that was home made…

Being a wife by now I found the way to the heart of my husband

And it was he who gave me the wings to fly to my dreamland

It was then I realised this fact

That a man & woman together only can keep the relationship/mother nature intact.


With this I end my take on gender equality

Man & woman are the creations of God with serene beauty

And yes being his woman is still my pride…

As I have my dream man in every sphere by my side!!!

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