Being Women

God’s Best Creation- Women!

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Just as I started understanding this world,

A new problem in front of me was unfurled.

Daring to enter this Manly culture,

Where women are invaded as if they are being attacked by a Vulture.


Here every single day and night a women has to sacrifice her dreams,

And a man outrages her wishes followed by her screams –

That “Please Let Me Live And Set Me Free –

As an individual soul is all I Plea”.

Every relation she is roped into asks for something out of her

Whether he’s the father whose seed she is or the birth giving mother

The FE being SHE dissolves herself being a daughter, sister, wife and mum

As if she’s in this world for nothing and her aspirations are none.


How do virile forget that she’s present all around as mother nature

And is given equal value & dignity by the creator

For only she possesses the power to deliver a life

And only she can give you unconditional love being a mother, daughter and wife.

Let her fly (high) in the sky like a free bird,

Let her create her own castles in this dreamy world.

Dear men! for once just be her support system

And trust me You’ll not find a creation better than a WOMAN!!!


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