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Heart Broken

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When she asked me for favour ,
I returned something which I never had ,
Empty pockets and beating heart ,
I was just left with that …

Her face was glowing and so my past ;
Never knew what was in her heart ..
That cute face and sweet smile ,
Hid the truth in her eyes …

Confident , straight , ahead of time ;
What happened to the boy in meantime ..
His eyes were covered with the love
Couldn’t see the life turned to dust …

She came and went , played a lot ;
The little heart couldn’t take it all ,
His eyes were dead now , the fearsome look ,
What happened to the boy whom I miss in him.

The crowd seemed a solitary place ,
As the heart was played ,
He won’t be able to revive …
The heart broken , his mother’s eyes

( Hint : His mother’s eyes means that  he was born with his mother’s eyes ) ??

Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry
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