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Life has never been easy for the people who have faced an endless struggle in their life. They overcame failures, & never gave up while walking on this path made of pebbles & rocks always with a smile on their face. They are the people who live their life while leading inspiration for others & that’s what a real spirit of living a life is. While walking on this path they come across many people which in one way or the other gave a lesson to be learned for entire life. Everyone in life comes across many situations, circumstances & people in life which teaches a lesson & become life lessons for entire life. The lessons that teach us, the lessons that we get to learn through whatever life gives us. It can be positive, it can be negative as well as life can never be same always & we never know what can happen next. Some of the life lessons that I have learned I would like to share.

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I have learned :

  1. People who are true at our face & at our back are the people who always stay true to us & who are meant to be there in our life.
  2. Real relations & real friendships are rare to find nowadays.
  3. When anything bad happens the people who are selfish are the ones who try to switch away, & they are the only one when everything happens good & a person is doing well start asking the well being & pretend to show they care a lot.
  4. Always help those who need it or who deserves it.
  5. Most of the people pretend to showoff their relationships everytime on social media as to grab maximum likes & comments as a symbol of perfect relationship which in reality doesn’t exist.
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