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It’s sad that the struggles go on for many more fathers and girls. It’s sad that mothers still cry out in agony. Why can’t we as a society use these examples and brave people as our torch bearers and leaders.

It is our fault we elect wrong leaders and place them at the helm of affairs and then sit back and discuss heinous crimes in our drawing rooms. While all along we all are to blame for all the wrongs happening to women and their kin. With women getting murdered every other day, we still have an unsafe society. So many women won’t move out of their houses because it’s not SAFE.


When will the Indian women be comfortable in their own city , their own neighborhood? Episode after episode we keep waiting for justice, while more and more crimes against women are brought to the forefront and also that just every few years we have another harrowing episode which should shake the roots of the country. But we don’t learn our lessons and eventually another woman suffers a fate unimaginable and post that, many more …

Very very sad that the struggles go on. Sometimes I don’t blame the people who want to leave the country and settle else where.


So much for where the head is held high and mind without fear. We are waiting, still waiting!

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