Being Women

Nothing Is Eternal, Not Even My Dream!

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He came at night knocking at my door,
Lifted his hands and rushed at the floor
I was in my trousers and hair untied,
I wondered it as a fairy tale and slowly sighed.


He took me to the place that was never known,
Sky so dark and the moon glowing alone
Trees though colorful and stars wandering around us,
It all seemed so pleasant without any fuss.

Deliberately, he came closer and kissed my forehead,
Closed my eyes and blessed us the Godhead
Glared for a time, he said “I Love You” with ease,
I was a charming princess who was quickly seized.


We both were elated to move ahead,
I opened my eyes and soon my smile shed
Everything was felicitous but not extreme,
Nothing is eternal, not even my dream!

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